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NALA’s Facts & Findings are now available for your tablet, Android, iPhone, or iPad!

The apps are ready for download from the Google Play and Apple Store.

Through this app, members and subscribers use their NALA Net Login to receive each issue as it is published on their own tablets and mobile devices! Issues are downloaded in Adobe pdf format so that you can read the magazine without an internet connection. The app also includes links to the NALA Facebook page and to the CLE Look Up for members and Certified Paralegals to use to check their record of CLE credits. The app is available for iPads and iPhones through iTunes; and on Google Play for Android users. An app for the Windows 8 Microsoft Surface tablet will be coming soon! Tablet and phone versions are available. Guests are invited to review portions of the current issue, and former issues at no charge.

2017 NALA Annual Convention will be held in Orlando, FL, July 19-21, 2017

Click on the link for further information about  the 2017 Annual Convention in Orlando – we hope to see many of you there!

NALA Facts & Findings Supscription Deal!

NALA is pleased to announce a special $25 rate for a one-year subscription to Facts & Findings for members of NALA Affiliated Associations who are not already individual members of NALA.

Please see the attached for additional details on this special program.

NALA Notice

NALA Campus LIVE! is back. Whether you need CLAE credit for CLA/CP maintenance, or if you are thinking of taking the CLA/CP examination in 2012, there are many programs tailored to fit your needs. More information is also available at the NALA website at www.nala.org.

NALA members! The results of the salaries and benefits survey are available at www.nala.org.

Welcome new members!


Upcoming Webinars - April - May 2017

Webinars are a fast, convenient, and now even more affordable way to get the education you need.

  • 1.0 hour webinars: $39 for Members and $59 for Nonmembers
  • 1.5 hour webinars: $39 for Members and $59 for Nonmembers
  • 2.0 hour webinars: $49 for Members and $69 for Nonmembers

If you have an Active Membership type, you may use your $80 gift certificate toward these webinars. Contact NALA to apply your gift certificate today!

April 19

  • Basic Business Organizations- This presentation offers a broad and basic view of the fundamentals of business that every paralegal should understand. The presenter will discuss sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, profit and nonprofit corporations, and limited liability companies. The advantages and disadvantages of each type of organization are explained, and guidance on how to form each type is offered, including specifics about required state and IRS filings.
    CLE: 1.5

April 27

  • Estate Planning for the Modern Family - In this webinar, we will discuss drafting considerations for the modern family. Drug usage, failed careers, second marriages, and children who still live at home are part of the modern family. How does onedraft a documentto avoid unintended consequences when these circumstances arise? How does one efficiently draft a document without a crystal ball looking into the future? We will talk about how to avoid fiduciary disputes that often result from these circumstances. Every document we draft will eventually be administered and affect people in their everyday lives. We will discuss important considerations for protecting trustees, agents, and executors, as well as best practices for documenting a file with special circumstances.
    CLE: 1

May 5

  • Law and Ethics-This webinar will focus on the law and the ethical issues that arise when laws provide a certain outcome that may not be fair, ethical or necessarily the “right thing.” Mr. Bermingham will analyze and debate some key Constitutional and State Court Cases that deal with ethical issues outside of the law. The webinar will include discussion of the Attorney/Client Privilege, 4th Amendment’s Search and Seizure, 5th Amendment’s Due Process, 8th Amendment’s Cruel and Unusual Punishment, 1st Amendment’s Right to Free Speech, and the Right to Privacy.
    CLE: 1.5 | Ethics


  • Expert Witness Bootcamp: From Retainer to Trial and Everything In-Between- This Bootcamp will provide practical time saving tips and pointers for retaining and preparing experts throughout the course of a case. Learn how to efficiently assist your attorneys in preparing experts from initial retention, including preparation of witness files and tracking of evidence and documents sent to expert witnesses, to the heat of battle, including deposition and trial prep. Learn how to effectively and efficiently create, organize and manage witness files for deposition and ultimately, trial.Learn the deposition process and how you can excel at obtaining and organizing information attorneys want from each type of expert in order to streamline witness preparation.
    CLE: 1


  • Dram Shop Case: What is it and Do I Have One?- When a drunk driver causes an automobile collision, can the injured party sue the establishment where the drunk driver was served? If I serve guests at a graduation party and one of them causes a collision on the way home, am I responsible? This exciting webinar will discuss the determining factors to help you understand liquor liability. David Lail is an attorney who specializes in dram shop cases and his presentation will walk you through a case from start to finish, identify experts to deliver unbiased opinions as to the evidence, and suggest visual aids that can enhance your case. Attendees will hear real-life practice tips for handling the common, and not so common, issues along the way. The webinar examines dram shop litigation from both counsel tables and provides technical insight as well as the toxicology of ethanol. Handouts include an easy-to-follow flowchart, tips for investigating the potential case, and other reference materials.
    CLE: 1.5


These times or dates don't work for your schedule? How about taking a Self-Study Course or an On-Demand Webinar? Learn whenever it is convenient for you.



Is a Paralegal Certified?

Attention Employers!

Do you need to verify if a paralegal is "Certified" by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). To verify them, please click on the following link: www.nala.org/CertSearch/CertSearch1.htm.

If you have any questions about certification, please feel free to contact the Association.


News for Certified Paralegals

Washington State Limited License Legal Technicians News
The Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) has implemented a program that will educate and license a classification of legal practitioners called Limited License Legal Technicians (LLLT). LLLT's will possess the knowledge and skills to help the public with specific legal assistance, like selecting and filling out legal forms, and guiding them through the legal system.

Current education and experience requirements to qualify for the Limited License Legal Technician exam are as follows:

  1. An associate level degree.
  2. 45 credits of core education requirements in legal studies at an ABA approved law school or ABA approved paralegal program.
  3. Practice area courses in each practice area in which you want to be licensed.

In addition, in order to qualify for licensure, applicants must acquire 3000 hours of substantive law related work experience (the equivalent of 18 months full time).

Experienced and certified paralegals are now eligible to take advantage of a waiver period that allows them to register for the necessary courses needed to obtain an LLLT license, while waiving some core education prerequisites. Waivers of the mininum associate-level degree requirement and/or the core curriculum education requirement may be granted for applications filed before December 31, 2016.
To qualify for the education waiver, experienced paralegals must have:

  • Passed the Certified Paralegal Exam conducted by NALA.
  • Active certification as a Certified Paralegal with NALA.
  • Completed 10 years of substantive law-related experience supervised by a licensed lawyer.

For the practice-area education required by Admission to Practice Rule 28, classes are planned with professors from all three Washington law schools. Classes will begin at the University of Washington Law School in September, and will be available to attend live or via webcast.

Waiver applications will be accepted by the WSBA until September 18, 2013 if one chooses to take courses in the fall to obtain an LLLT license. Family law will be the first practice area licensed, with others to follow in the future. The fee to apply for the waiver is $150.

Approval of the limited time waiver application shall expire December 31, 2018.  After expiration of the approval, any subsequent application for licensure by the applicant shall meet all of the standard requirements for licensure without waiver.

For more information about the WSBA Limited License Legal Technician program and to apply for an education waiver, please visit www.wsba.org/LLLT or contact Thea Jennings at theaj@wsba.org.

CLE Submission

Submit your CLE to NALA here.

If you are a CP/ACP and need to submit your CLE to NALA for credit towards your certification, please click on the link below:


For questions on maintaining professional certification, please visit NALA at www.nala.org/cert-CLE_QandA.htm

New APC Course!

A new APC course in Real Estate Principles is now available at NALA.  Click on the link for more information.

Principles APC Press Release


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